The community was first formalized and organized on September 7, 2018. The founders, first president and first vice president of the Culpeper Filipino - American community group, Dhel Hargrove and Viah Fey Tejada, had started the small group of Culpeper friendship in 2014. It later grew into its present community through several potluck gatherings and holiday celebrations with fellow Filipino - American families. As one of the Filipino cultures, the spirit of the Christmas celebration remains the focal event of the year where families and friends gather for a thanksgiving celebration through the mere practice of sharing the blessings we've received that year or previously received. This tradition continued until significant Filipino - American families emerged and joined the group. It was then decided to harmonize the group relationship by creating the bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and the Vision-Mission-Objectives. The local community has noticed the relevance of sharing, friendship gatherings, involvement with the community, and preserving the Filipino - American heritage and culture. CFAC has also professionalized its organization to continue to be positive in social influences within the Culpeper community. With the creation of bylaws, the community has promulgated the Rules and Regulations to be followed by all association's members in compliance with the local laws, social responsibility, and positive impact within the community.




Our activities

CFAC holds various activities throughout the calendar year.


CFAC organizes meetings ( i.e. officers', board members, and general meetings) at least twice a month.

Annual gatherings

Our community organizes various events, from Christmas celebrations, Valentine's Day party, Easter festivities to Anniversary party and a lot more.

Community Services

CFAC has done several successful community services throughout the years and it aims to be more involved and serve our local community to the utmost of our capabilities and resources.

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